Dragon City Cheats 2016


Today I am sharing my hack that i use for most games but mostly for Dragon City. This hack is about how to get free items for games that you need to pay for. We all hate that we need to pay money to be able to enjoy a game more. But that is just how it goes. I made this hack with a few friends and it can be applied to almost every game.

dragon city

I am able to get many Gems with this hack for Dragon City. I get over 10k Gems for Dragon City with this hack. I am able to share this hack with the approval of my friends who made it with me.

DC Proof

To get the hack on how to get Gems for Dragon Vale click the download link below. When you download it make sure to leave a comment if you are satisfied. Also if you have any friends struggling with getting Gems you can pass the hack on to them. Thanks.