How to Get Free LP on Sims Freeplay


The Sims FreePlay is a strategy life simulation game made by EA Mobile and Firemonkeys Studios. It is a free version of The Sims for your phones.
I started playing The Sims FreePlay a few months back and fell in love with it. It it s fun game you can play when you’re bored. You can also enjoy playing this game with your friends. This is one of the best apps I have on my Iphone. It didn’t take long for me to notice that I would run out of in game items. I had no Lifestyle points. I really needed these because I found I enjoyed playing the game more. I and my friends decided to find a way to get a lot of LP for free instead of buying it. We tried to find sims freeplay cheats, sims freeplay hack, sims freeplay lp cheats, sims freeplay lp hack. Eventually we found a few of these. But none of them worked. We decided it was time to make a method on our own.

thesims gameplay


It took us a while to find a working way but we finally looked around and found a working method. When we first started to do this we were getting about 500-1,000 LP a day. Now that we have been using this method for a while we can do 10,000 to 15,000 LP a day. There are days where I do get under 10,000 but most days I can do over 10,000 so I am in good shape. This method is very easy to do. 



Why exactly am I writing this method? Well if you don’t know me then that’s probably why you would be surprised that you are about to get a free method on Free LP. I have friends on Facebook who constantly ask me how i get LP. I was able to help about 2-4 of my friends but a lot of them are asking me now. I promised them I would write a exclusive method on how I did it.
After being lazy for about a month I am finally writing this method. I wrote this method on how to get free lp on sims freeplay. I came to this site and offered to share it on here. How to get free lp on sims freeplay was popular. My guide to this day is doing well and loved by many.